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Does anyone have any info on Sonora? I know they made hi-fi equipment, but does anyone have any specifics? Any help is appreciated!

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It seems that Sonora put out (or still does?) some really cool equipment.


But I'm still not finding any info about the company, and there's nothing about the mid 60's speakers I'm looking for. And no, I don't have a model number - that would be too easy. Thanks, Tom!

Hi, Colleen.

you might start with someone who has manuals for their radios for sale? might be able to point you in right direction.

try this.

Perhaps the store god knows more about the company.
Good idea Vince. These people seem to trade in old manuals, so...Well, I wrote the seller. We'll see if he answers. Thanks!
FCC requires a tag showing make, mod #, watts, amps, UL etc, etc. I used to do flooring checks for various companies handling speakers. Look for it on back or maybe bottom. Where does it say Sonora. If you opened any of the links I sent, you will find company names, etc. It's easier for you to look than me.
Tom, I did open all the links...where do you think the above link I posted came from? And with all those links, there's still nada about the company. Which is why I asked the question. The Sonora company profile doesn't even seem to be the same company as what I'm looking for. I was hoping someone might KNOW something. As in - if someone asks me if Fenton made vases..well, I know the answer to that. That's why I was hoping some stereo aficionado would be able to see this post. I can Google, but Google certainly doesn't know everything.

I'm trying to find out if they're still in business, if not, then when they were, where they might be located and if there's a way to reach them, or possibly whatever company bought them out. That information seems to be vague. So settle down, and quit being so snappy.


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