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For you fans of vintage electrical appliances, you will want to check out the new motion picture REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. It stars Kate Winslett and Leo DiCaprio as a young couple trapped in a meaningless suburban existence. Kathy Bates also co-stars. There are wonderful costumes, period vehicles, hairdo's, furnishings and decor, but especially, there are loads of little kitchen, household and office appliances here and there in the background.

The film has been very, very favorably reviewed. It's a little depressing, but well worth seeing. And not only for the gizmo's! See it on the big screen while you can.

Two images are attached.

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I may be out of line but this site is for Antiques, Collectibles and Art. Reviewing movies doesn't seem to fit.
Well . . . . I was encouraged to write this up by site Editor Dianne Zweig. And, it relates directly to the collectibles that are the focus of this group. Seems like a really GOOD fit to me.
I look at old and new movies all the time to see what objects I can see - how they fit in with the times, if they're using it correctly, if the color fits with what we know to be true about something. Of course old movies, that's easy, the were contemporary for their times. But getting it right 50 years later, that's a bit tougher. Like I said before, I'm always looking at old magazines and catalogs for not just identification, but sometimes just to see what the heck an object is. Sometimes I just don't know, ya know? I'll go see the movie for the same reasons. And I really want to check out the furniture.


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