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lovely antique mission/victorian/eastlake ?? style table, inlaid, any clues on actual style?

this table came in today.

Weird configuration, center pedestal, knobs on ends of feet ends. with glorious inlays throughout.

old crackled finish, dark brown... will come up really nice when stripped down.

but... I'm curious as to use or style.

Can't quite place the style...

age:  approx 1900 or thereabouts.

woods:  mahogany, walnut,birch inlays, ebony, rosewood.

has crossbanding, bookmatched veneers, outstanding workmanship.

sofa table?  hall table,  book signing display.

first thing I thought of was masonic library table.... but no signs of typical inlays associated with that.....   so still looking.

Will make a great rental for weddings.

Can anyone point me to similar?

size is approx 44 inches wide, 29 high, and 26 deep.

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Beautiful! But Please DONT refinish this! It is most likely a library table, sometimes called a "console table". It is an antique, but I'm not certain from where. It appears to be a combination between classic revival and empire, but it might be much older!

If it is from an early period, 18th or early 19th you will destroy the value if you remove that beautiful patina! Also, in your pic of the underside, the top section appears to be "slotted" into the top? Try and see if you can move, lift, or expand it in any way? It may be for a very specific use!

I'm on my last day of an estate sale, so have no time to look for more info, but I think you really need to be sure on what this is, before making any changes, please! Lol it's just gorgeous!

Thanks for the note, Vicki.

when I said "stripped" ...   I actually mean restored.

I've been doing this for over 35 years, apprenticed in Europe, and know how to treat this old finish just right. That's not patina you see, it's someone's lame attempt at recovering the old hand polished finish with various coats of stained varnish. Not only ugly, but hides almost all the fine details of the piece.

Can't belive it's 18th century.... perhaps mid to late 19th. but i'll have a better look at the joinery soon.

somewhere between classic revival and empire sounds about right.....  but it's a very stern piece.

I'm intrigued by the raised center part of the table. Very architecture-like and must have been for specific use, as this raised center portion makes it more difficult to use as desk.

display piece, large foyer is what i'm thinking...... perhaps a specialty item for book signing or ceremonial?

how about in a lodge ?  setting for the books, bible, parfinalia?



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