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  • Abt 36" Tall x 26" Wide x 15" Deep.
  • Kidney shaped, ball & claw, cabriole legs, ormolu? edge
  • Type of wood?
  • Chippendale?
  • Age?
  • Thank you!

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Hi Lisa,

This is not a true Chippendale table. Rather, it is a combination of a few different styles. Overall, I would say that it is closest to a Rococo Revival/Louis XVI table with the floral decoration and ormolu edging. The cabriole legs and C-scroll decoration are more in the Queen Anne style, while the diamond trellis pattern on the legs is again more French-looking. The claw and ball feet correspond pretty closely to the "rat paw" form due to the elongation of the toes. I would say the piece dates somewhere between 1918-30. Hope this helps!

That's wonderful information! I thank you so much!! :) :) :)

Glad to help! Ooh, and I forgot to mention before, the edging around the top is also called a gallery, because of the raised profile/silhouette it creates.  :-)

Thank you! & also.....What would be your best guess on what kind of wood they used?

Thank you again!

The top is a bookend veneer, possibly mahogany? The secondary wood in the drawer is oak, which is really unusual. Oak is stronger, more figured in pattern, and more expensive than it needs to be when no one will see it with the drawer closed. More common secondary woods are pine, ash, etc. Something lighter and cheaper. I am having a really hard time identifying the overall body of the table, because the stain is very opaque. The wood is a type that is easily carved and takes stain well. Cherry or walnut, perhaps? I think the intent was for the table to look like it was made from solid mahogany or rosewood, but those woods would have been too expensive to use on a mass-produced piece of furniture.

That is SO interesting! ..... Thank you again for your expertise!


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