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I'd like to get a ballpark figure on the value of the drop-leaf and gate-leg table in this photo. Sorry I can't get better photos, but I'd have to move a lot of things around as I've been piling up in front of them preparing for this year's garage sale season. All I can tell you is that both have condition issues. The varnish on the tops of both is rough and abraded. The drop-leaf has white "fuzzies" on the top and front leaf (may also on the back, but I can't get to it to see right now). I attribute this to being in a cold, damp, closed-off room and too much stuff piled up against it. The drop-leaf measures 45" long, 28.5" tall, the width of the main part is 25" and the leaves are 15" wide. The gate-leg is 30" long and 25.5" tall. The main part is 9" wide and the leaves are 11" wide.

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Trying to price for a garage sale is a hard egg to crack, prices are all over the place yet this is not the look the young are after, the boomers are full of the stuff they like, and the older than the boomers, are in old folks homes or thinking about it. what they are worth and what you can get on a garage sale are too different things. worth is what two people can agree on what the value is.

the small one prob would sell for between $25-50 used to be 100. larger table 50 to 125 used to be 200+ hard to say really depends on what they look like with all the stuff off them, does a regular chair fit into the end of the large table that helps sell them if not harder to sell them as you can not store a chair tucked under the table, if there is any splits in the table, if the leaves are warped, the drop leaf is too short at 28.5 should be 30 with casters on it to be standard height so that is a minus to it, it is on casters right hard to see in the picture,

around here some yard sales sell well and others well just sit there



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