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Hi All! I just bought a beautiful walnut mid century dining set that has (old linen) tags on the bottom saying it was made by Basic-Witz of Waynesboro, VA. Online info is sketchy - I gather they were bought out by Stanley Furniture several years ago. This set is gorgeous, great finish, beautiful lines - hard to believe that anyone that made something like this isn't in business anymore. Does anyone know anything else? Thanks!

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I wanna see a picture please. :)
Oralei - you would be difficult! ; ) Right now the set is sitting with two chairs on top of two chairs, and the table covered in my newest finds! Ah geez...I'll do it...I'll do it for you...cuz I like ya'....give me a minute....(and I get to show off this great set!)
Auhhhhhh net hug! hehehe, only way I know to get people to help. That looks like my daughters cat! The one I named Rat! A gonna be book...A fat cat named Rat!

Any way that looks to me like a very nice solid put together set of chairs. Made to last! Kitty seems to have claimed one. Are the legs of the table all made the same way as the chair? I sure can"t tell? hehe already said it all Gorgeous, great finish, and beautiful lines! Hmmm that describes kitty as well.

I'm gonna research this tonite at work if we're not to busy. I'll start by checking out Debbie"s things.

Thanks for the pictures.

Okay, here are the pics - cropped out all the stuff, but not the dust! And disregard the fattest cat in the world - but she likes the set, I think. I really couldn't get a full out shot of the set, what you're seeing is the drop side of the table with the cool lines. Also has two leaves so it gets quite big. We still have the dining room torn apart, and we just brought this home 2 days ago after finding it on Cragislist. Sadly, it will be going to the storage unit to sit until we move, but I would like to know anything I could about the maker. I wanted to see if there are any other matching pieces out there. Also, it's not nearly as banged up as it looks in the photos - just more dusty!
company i believe was started in the late 1800's and their manufactured bedroom and dining sets. would love to see a photo of the set as i sell mid century furniture in my store.
I see Kitty is helping you out! Nice set!
I don't know anything about the furniture, but really great cat!!!!! Best regards, Ed
Thanks, I'll let her know!
I have a six chair dining room set, china cabinet, and a desk that has this same tag on the bottom. The set is in excellent condition. Very modern sleek lines, but I assume it is mid century. Any suggestions on how to value this.
Sorry it's been so long since your post - but any chance of a photo? And what kind of china cabinet do you have with the set? As for value - I've been doing an awful lot of research on 1960s furniture, and while this brand wasn't top-top-of the line, they were right up next to it. They used great woods, which is obvious, and they also employed skillful master craftsmen. That being the case, without seeing your set it's still impossible to value accurately - but then again, like anything, the value of it - quite simply - is what someone will pay you for it. But this was never intended as discount furniture.
photos please and why not start a new disscussion on your pc


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