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Hello All,

First time poster - I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum, perhaps the furniture in question is too modern to be considered 'antique'. I suppose vintage is a more accurate descriptor.

I have long been in possession of a modular shelving unit (teak veneer, I believe) that is also meant to function as a room divider - the mounting poles are spring loaded and run floor to ceiling, so the unit can go along a wall or in the centre of a room, and the shelving modules can be hung either way (and some pieces have two functional sides, such as the bar which has a dropping wooden door on one side, and a sliding wood and glass door on the other).

The modular components have held up very well over the years, but the veneer on the poles - veneer on top of metal - is flaking off. I don't know the manufacturer of the set, but I would love to track down another set of poles. Somewhere out there in suburbia, I'm sure somebody is clearing one of these out of a wood-panelled basement rec-room at this very moment.

The set originally belonged to my parents, who believe it was manufactured by Reff, but no amount of searching on my part has come up with anything. Just wondered if anybody was familiar with sets such as these, or had ideas about how to track down matching parts.



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are you sure it is wood around the metal uprights or is it a wood grain printed contact type paper wraped around the metal pole, you could do that as long as you did the whole pole of the unit? just a thought on my part


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I just inherited this exact system. Have you found out any more information on it? Can spare parts be bought anywhere?

Instructions on how to set it up?




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