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Hi Everyone,


I just picked these two pieces up...a pressed glass plate with an Asian motif, and a covered cheese? dish with a reindeer. Any help in identifying this type of glass is appreciated.

Best, Nancy

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"Deer and Pine Tree" also called "Deer and Doe" First made by Belmont Glass co. 1883. Later made by Mckee Glass 1886. Extended table service avaliable. Over 25 pieces. Found in Crystal, blue amber, dark amber, light and emerald green, yellow-green and Gilt decorated.  The goblet has been repro'd. This looks to be an original.

Is it too large to be a butter? If so, It would be a covered cheese.

Still looking for your second pattern.

Hi Vicki,

Thanks for the very helpful info! I guess it could be butter, I don't think the shape was always the bars we're familiar with today. I'm going to do a bit of research & see what I come up with.

Best, Nancy

These are Early American Pattern Glass(EAPG), much earlier than Depression Glass. I have not been able to find another example - but this may be a honey dish. Is it about 8" square? Honeycomb was served at the table. Butter did NOT come in bars in the 1800s, but it looks the wrong size for a butter and the sides are to high.  Very nice piece, is it still available?

That 2nd piece- BARRED FORGET - ME - NOT by Canton Glass Co. ca. 1880s.


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