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This little jar including the lid measures 3 3/4" high. It looks like Cameo but I don't see a ballerina.  So maybe it's another similar pattern. My first instinct was that it is a repro but I bought it anyway just to learn. Can anyone tell me about it?  Thanks for any suggestions. Margo

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I believe you have a 4 inch Candy Jar, Fire King, Philbe pattern. by Hocking Glass Co, 1937-38. My book is from the mid 80s and listed it then at $275.
Sorry to say it's a reproduction. There are no vintage/authentic miniatures or child's pieces in Cameo.
Margo, This is absolutely a Cameo piece. I checked it with one of my books on depression glass. I don't know what pattern has a ballerina in it. I think I've seen that somewhere, can't remember the name.
I think the Cameo and the Ballerina are both names for the same pattern.
Yes, this has the Cameo design, but it is not an origianl piece to the pattern. It has been copied into this little reproduction. There are other little "Cameo" fakes out there - a child's tea set, etc. This is not from the 1930-1934 production.
"Cameo" is the actual company name, but this pattern is called "Balleria" and "Dancing Girl." Many patterns have multiple names which is why we provide an index in our books.
Hi Margo, Sadly I agree w/ Barbara, Be very careful when buying any Children's pieces, most of them are repro. The way I approach this is to study which companies actually made children's pieces, in this way you will not be fooled. But your first instinct was right as well, you thought it might be fake - Old glass feels different and the color is different too. Trust yourself.
Thanks, I'm learning. What really told me it is repro is that the finial is crooked and the design is not clear. I have had Ballerina before and I do remember the clarity of the impression in the glass. I do have a real pink cookie jar and I did have a gut feeling that this was slightly pinker, (which I actually like,) but the feeling didn't surface. But hey, it was only a $2.00 educational investment.
I appreciate the responses. I didn't know about the depression glass miniatures although I do have some real Bauhaus dollhouse miniatures including a couple of glass pieces which if I list, I'll assert their authenticity.


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