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Indiana Glass Company made the King's Crown - Thumbprint pattern in a variety of colors.But, I've seen the green called everything from avocado to olive to emerald to just "green." My understanding was that they were all the same but wondered if someone knew for sure!

I'm also going to better research the differences between Indiana Glass thumbprint and Tiffin Glass thumbprint. I do know that the Kings Crown or Thumbprint pattern from Tiffin Glass has the elongated thumbprints which following the Adams tradition are more oval
in shape and the thumbprints of the Indiana glass are rounded in shape.

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Hi!, Are you trying to figure out a definitive type of green designation to call it? I would kinda lean toward the avocado, here. This was a later color choice to blend with the 70's colors. Appliances were designated with avocado, so a repeat might help people make a better connection to the era.
Thanks! I believe you are right about the set shown. Now, I need to know if the previous colors were the same shade of this avocado from the 60's-70's? So, if a customer already had some pieces in this pattern, would this set match.

Noticed in my reference books and online there were several color names so was trying to nail down the differences.
I have Kings Crown Thumbprint in Red & Amber, but not the green. I love this vintage dinnerware. I am also selling the Red Thumbprint right now under the fine dining section of our boutique. Rita @ TesoroFino.com
Your green glass is from the 1950s-60s. It is more of a forest green than an avocado green. Also, it is not depression glass.

Real depression glass with the name "Thumbprint" or "Pear Optic" was made by Federal Glass Co., 1929-30 in a lighter shade of green.

Hi Ellene - Did you try Forrest green? It is definatly 1970's. The Tiffin glass is better quality, and older, more collectible. Before the 1980's Glass of this type is usually referred to as "Depression Era" Because mostly it was still being made by the same American companies, and using the old molds. Hope this helps some.
Forest Green is a trademarked name for the dark green utilised by Anchor Hocking in Charm , Sandwich and other miscelanious pieces, specifically made by them.
Hey thanks everyone! From what I've seen online, the "forest green" of the Anchor Hocking glassware isn't quite the same green as mine.

1950's-60's does match the era of my set and it's often listed under Depression Glass -even though it isn't from the 30's.

But, on the color, maybe we've narrowed it down to "olive green" or "green"??
I love the ruby red colored Kings Crown from Indiana Glass Co. I was at the flea markets in Nashville, TN where things are supposed to be cheap and saw them listed for $12.95 each. I couldn't believe it. I have a large collection and have some up for sale for only $7.50 each for a set of eight. I love to use them for Valentine's Day and Christmas Time. Rita @

Beautiful! you better raise your price to $10 each! :)


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