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I've tried to identify this pattern from my books.  I find that stems aren't often shown and this is part of trouble finding this pretty yet simple style.  I've turned to you o' great ones of  IAO :)


You can see that the bowl is not simple, curved bowl.  It actually consists of vertical panels and the joints are rounded.  Check out the shadow cast on the background. 


Thanx gang ahead of time for even taking a look,  Peace.



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Can I see air bubbles in the stem? Your champagne looks like it's hand-blown to me. Do you have a set of them or just one? One is a curiosity with minimal value. A set (4, 6 or 8) could be worth $100. plus. The glass is not a recognizable Depression glass pattern.
Hand-blown eh? Why do you say that? Well, I have 6 of these glasses. I think they are champagne because they would never last as sherbert, they are too delicate.

Are there air bubbles in your stems or glasses?

If "yes" that indicates hand-blown. If "no" then it indicates machine-made.

thanx...i'll take a look...i didn't find mold seams so that would indicate hand-blown too, right?
And thank u for your input :)
Almost too pretty to be depression glass... I flipped through one of the books I have on Depression Glass and found nothing like it. Wish I could be of more help.
Any feedback is better than...
Didn't find it in any of my reference books. I'll link to this page on my Facebook and see what happens...
TY Elleene :)


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