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At the risk of being laughed out of here, I'm posting this photos of a Cabbage Rose green butter dish lid that I'm all but positive is a repro. I'm no depression glass expert and I never cared for this pattern or paid it much attention, but I got this at an estate sale for a measly quarter and was about to list it on ebay as a repro when I noticed that just about every other one in there looks like mine and they are listed as real. Am I about to screw myself listing this as a repro or are there that many bent folks on ebay? :-)  Seems too thick and the color strikes me as off, but I'm working off scant memory and other peoples assertions. 

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This is an interesting site, maybe you can find info here.    

Thanks for the link!  I found it yesterday, but her photos are so fuzzy, it was hard to tell. Very nice of you to point it out to me!

I feel sure this is repro.  I guess I was just a little shocked to see so many that had the same characteristics as this one on ebay, etsy and other places being sold as authentic.  And that made me doubt myself; I know there are dishonest folks out there, but that many????

My opinion, and I hope other weigh in...I wouldn't waste my energy or pay the fees to list a repro on eBay. Hopefully other site members will share their views. Barbara

You're probably right, Barbara, but now it's taking up space and I simply can't throw things away that are not broken.  :-)  I don't want to end up on that TV show about hoarders, but throwing out things that still have life hurts me. My grandmother taught me to be . . . . let's say thrifty, to use a nice word.  Her favorite saying was  that a woman could throw out more with a spoon than a man could throw in with a shovel (You guessed it - we kids might find a little on the beaters to lick, but nothing in the cake mixing bowl).

And I can always be seduced by quarter items.  :-)

Hi Warene - Well I just looked this up in Ms. Barbara's book. According to her research on this butter lid the repro has a raised knob that protrudes higher than on the original lids, making it easier to grasp.

The old one's look more disc shaped, no knob on top. So, That being said, it does appear that yours is a repro.

So long as you list the item as (repro?) you should be fine. Also, this pattern is called "Sharon" in most books, I've also seen it called "Rose of Sharon" - so it might help to use the other names to when selling. Good Luck!

Sharon, Cabbage Rose DG was made by Federal Glass, 1935-39.  It came in pink, amber and GREEN, (JUST LIKE YOURS).  :)

In my old reference book, dated in the 1980s it listed the top at $37.50 in green.

New Sharon (repros) were produced privately in 1976 and came in 6 colors, light green (not) and dark green (not).

So, I'd say that you have a real valuable piece of DG.  Maybe worth twice the 1988 price?  $75.00?

The bottom, in 1988 was valued at $30....

Geez, I'm really confused now. 

Why do you think it's a repro?

The color doesn't look quite right to me, and it seems a little thick.  Dunno.  Wish I had an old one to compare it to.

I have had it listed on ebay as a repro, will probably list it again some day.  You want it?  :-)

Think you got a real one there!  This pattern, as well as many other depression glass patterns, were produced in rather heavy, thick glass.  Congrats.


Waurene, don't know if you still have the green butter dish cover, but I double checked it today and you most definitely have the original (1935-39) top.

PS If a replacement, which was made in 1976, the glass would be different from DG glass. Here is a test.

Here's a cool way to tell real Depression Glass (DG) from fake.  It works too.  You need to have a piece of real DG and non-DG. Take the DG between your thumb and forefinger and gently rub it. DG feels soft and warm. Non DG feels hard and cold.  If you grasp it  too hard your rubbing  can make it warm so move your fingers around or switch hands. Test yourself by shutting your eyes.  Once you learn this trick you only have to touch the glass to determine if it's real DG or not.


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