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We are sorting and selling off the In-laws hoard and it breaks my heart how cheaply things are selling for at the small local auctions.  I have so much now so I do not have the space to buy it all and bring it home.  Sometimes I cannot help myself and my hand shoots up to buy beautiful things that are bringing nothing.  For example, I bought a pile of 10 or 11 pieces of pink depression glass for $12,  Very sad,  But here is my question.

I loved this large green bowl and I am falling in love with green glass.  This lovey bowl has a glow about it and I was thinking it was Vaseline glass but I am not sure.  Could I get your opinions on this?   Not sure what the other dish is either

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Here is another picture of it

Shine a black light on it in the dark and you will see a glow.  Just looking at it in the light, it looks like vaseline glass to me.  I don't recognize the other piece, but somebody more knowlegable in here probably will. Have you considered the possibility of some of these being reproduction?  Even if it is, at $12 for the lot of pink glass, I doubt you could go wrong.  The piece below is beautiful!  I have a thing for pretty glass myself. Shiny things.  :-)

Thanks for your reply.  My MIL bought most of her hoard in the 50's and  60's and maybe some in the  early 70's for a nickle or maybe a quarter so pretty much everything in most of this house has been buried in the hoard for at  40-50+  years. So I guess if their were reproductions  in that time they could be.  It is sad we live in a tiny rural area and after the first few auctions everyone has what they want.  Sadly we have 3 rooms of full boxes of  this kind of stuff to sell at auction yet.   We have dealt with cleaning out this hoard for 8 years and the family just wants to be done with it.  If we lived in a city and I was younger I would of opened up a shop!   :o)   I do not have a black light but I think the large green dish is vaseline glass.  The other dishes just happened to be in the picture with it. Not sure what the other green dish is called but I have a few pieces with the holes in it.  As an example of her hoard we counted 200 teapots and 40 cookie jars and found a lot more after that count. She collected everything  except Fiesta ware which is what I truly love!   :o) 

Wow, what a treasure trove!  Have you tried selling through one of the online auctions?  I bet you'd get a lot better prices! As far as repro, I was really talking about the lot of pink glass that you bought for $12.  Not a bad price, even for repro, but phenomenal for real depression glass.  Keep talking about it and someone in here might make you an offer.  :-)    You might say where you are located and there may be someone in here interested who is close enough to roll by and make your family an offer.  I don't really know, but never hurts to put it out there.

Thanks so much and yes for someone like me it has been like a treasure hunt all these years.  But if you had lived with the 8 years or so of trying to get through the rooms piled to the ceiling of not all great stuff you would understand why the other 4 siblings just want to be done with it.  Not one of them loves vintage or antiques.  Now that both parents are gone they want to be done with all this like yesterday.  I am sure that the pink depression glass that I bought was all old and I would be surprised if it were reproductions.  Here is a few more of what I bought in that box.  Not sure what the painted dish is. She hoarded Hull, McCoy, Frankcoma, Hall,  milk glass,  Fire king, quilts, doilies, hankies, pyrex, towels, figurines, dolls, cups and saucers, plates well you get the idea.  There have been 4 auctions so far and I am guessing there will be 3 or 4 more.  Not huge auctions just small town  SW Iowa auctions.  It is just very said and if only he would of let us sell them back when they were worth something he could of enjoyed the money .

Those are just lovely.  I do recognize a couple of patterns, but I'd have to go look them up to remember the pattern names - that tray is just marvelous!

I bet selling the treasures would have been a heartbreak not worth the money to your loved one (although they probably needed the money).  It is sad.  I wasn't sure if you said mil or fil.

My sons will probably feel the same way when I go.  I hope they get their money's worth out whatever I leave, anyway.

Sadly the lovely pieces meant nothing to them. Most was shoved on the pile only to be buried with the next buy never to be seen again.  Because of the hoarding illness she could part with nothing, not even the garbage towards the end. Their 5 bedroom house was filled to the ceilings and how that house stood all that weight was a miracle. So sad.


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