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A set of 8 shot-sized glasses with a swirl pattern. When I found them, they were with the tray. My mom called the a cordial set, but I'm note sure the glasses go with the tray. I plan on putting this set out for my Labor Day weekend sale and I'm asking $15 for the 9 pieces. Is that too low, too high or a just right price?

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me  id ask closer to 30 - 40

at  15  id snap em up and reprice them  lol

6 similar glasses recently sold for $114.50.  The glasses look like Jeannette Glass Co., but your picture is out of focus and I can't see the pattern very well.

The tray doesn't go with the glasses;  sell it separately.  It might be Old English (Threading) pattern by Indiana Glass Co. but my book doesn't show that a tray was made in that pattern.  Maybe Barb can enlighten us.

Have you tested them for uranium oxide; under a black light they will fluoresce a bright yellow green; worth more money!

Depression glass is a cold market here in upstate NY. Here are more photos of a shot glass:

A "shot glass" holds 1 fluid ounce. Yours look like they hold 4 or 6 ounces. Use a measuring cup to determine exact amount.

Do they fluoresce under a black (ultra violet) light? (turn bright greenish-yellow); if yes it's because they contain uranium oxide.

I don't have these any more, but thanks for your response, Tom.


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