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You are invited to view my video showing an Easter Basket made from an early band box, and decorated with antique rabbit candy containers.  Antiques can add charm to your Easter displays like nothing else. 

You are also invited to read/view my blog about Non Conventional Easter Baskets at:

Below is a slide show of Easter decorations and other holiday decorations that I currently have for sale:

Find more photos like this on I Antique Online
You are also invited to visit my VINTAGE online store at:

For Easter holiday Postcards click on:

Thank you for your interest and have a Happy Easter!


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well,...I'll tell ya what, there's nothing on the market today that compares to the old Holiday styles of the past!,   (Nice Easter baskets, Thanks)!  -chris
Well thank you Chris ....and of course I couldn't agree more!  Nothing says 'charm' like antiques.  Thanks for your comment.  I'm glad someone enjoyed it.  Deanna
You're welcome!


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