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so here's the game - I post a comic book Panel - you write your own story around it!! ..

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Here's the first panel!!!

Then they gazed longingly into one anothers eyes, searching for that spark that brought them together in the first place...


... Then superman laughs a little and says "Hey , Dude did you just fart" and batman was like "Sorry, man I had like 2 pounds of broccoli for lunch and at least half a dozen eggs for breakfast" and then superman was like "Dude, Not cool... Not cool at all..."
Ha Ha Ha...
Ok, Here's panal #2

HA HA HA - how did you change the words - looks for real!!

well that of course is becouse Lesbian is derived from the latin word meaning flying death rat (or Bat)

Ok, Ok so this one's been messed with - it sould've been batwoman, but more fun this way!!!
and i'm going to go ahead and give a panel 3 for the fun of it:

Two weeks Later...
The guy the super heros where talking too died of lung cancer -- The End!
Black Panther Cant die of lung cancer!!! or can He?????!?!!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!


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