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so here's the game - I post a comic book Panel - you write your own story around it!! ..

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The Black Panther smokes the Smooth Rich Tast of Camel, shouldn't You too Kids, don't you want to just put down that comic book and go get a nice Cool looking and Great Tasting Cigerette???? WTF

pic #4

And with that the Thing no longer had a sole, it was stolen by none other than the Greesy kid, evil Supervillin and founding member of the John Travolta Fan Club...
Pic #5

Ummm.... Wow, I think Batty and the Sups just came OUT!! A new super hero Power Couple emerges, Look out Spiderman and Mary Jane!!!
pic #6

Further Proof for the Last Panels Conclusion!!


Panel #7

????? WTF


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