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I am a newby looking for any tips. I want to collect for fun and someday pass on to my grandkids. I love dishes and mixing bowls. Appreciate any feedback.

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Hi Connie, I am not an expert Pyrex collector but I can tell you a couple things which you may already know. First off collect what you like there are so many patterns and colors to choose from. Also i recommend collecting stuff in the best condition that you can find it with good clean colors that are not faded and no chips or cracks. Also you may wish to purchase one (or more) of Barbras books on collecting Pyrex they are packed full of colorful pictures and are a nice resource for both the begining collector and I think even a experience collector can learn a thing or two. Also look at my site The Whole Shebang http://shebang.ecrater.com I have a good bit of Pyrex for sale at reasonable prices. Have fun collecting there is so much to choose from. I also thought i would mention that pyrex is not only collectible but very usable just do not wash it in harsh detergents and hand washing is better then the dish washer which can fade the colors.

Wow Connie - I think Jeffrey's your man! Did you join the pyrex group yet? Ton's of good info - and I believe that Ms. Mauzy has written a book on the subject too - she is moderator of that group.

I love the stuff too and use it daily - It is far better and a much safer alternative to plastics - especially for cooking in microwaves. Have fun!



Welcome to the world of collecting Pyrex (and other vintage kitchen items too)!  Be warned that this can become addictive.  I think all serious Pyrex collectors need both Pyrex books:  PYREX The Unauthorized Collector's Guide by Barbara Mauzy (our moderator) andPYREX By Corning A Collector's Guide  by Susan Tobier Rogove and Marcia Baun Steinhauer.  Barbara's book is more recent, the Rogove Steinhaur book was printed in 1993 and has never been updated.  But the two books compliment one another niclely.  Each book has information not in the other book.  I'm working with Barbara to add a chapter about Pyrex Commercial Tableware (restaurant ware) to an upcoming edition of her existing Pyrex book.  This is my area of Pyrex expertise.  I think you'll find the variety of Pyrex  will offer you lots of collecting choices. 

Thanks everyone for the tips I will order the books and start having fun!


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