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Hi! Newbie here! I collect Pyrex and have resources (including The Unauthorized Collector's Guide!) that usually allow me to identify a piece.  Today I found this cover that I'm guessing would go to a big roasting pan. It's almost 16" long and over 9" wide and about 1 1/2" deep. The word PYREX is in raised letters on what would be the underside of the cover and we thought it might  baste meat as it's cooking like the prongs inside a cast iron dutch oven do. There are numbers on the side; looks like 2000. The glass has numerous bubbles and waves in it. I can't find out a thing about it and sure hope someone here may have some ideas! Pretty exciting find for us! Many thanks in advance for any help! 

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Please post as an IMAGE (the 2nd button, blue box) not LINK, so that we can see your item.VERY cool lid, I have never seen one like this.  Guardian Service Aluminum has some similar big ones. I wonder if there is a big glass roasting pan out there or if it was made to substitute for the metal cover on a standard pan.  I sure am as eager as you to learn more!

Thanks for the tip on posting photos! I see it now :)

This is kinda strange - but a few months ago I did a large estate sale for a lady who left this world at 94. She loved to cook, and had more cooking items than I've ever seen in my life!

Among all those items we found two bottom dishes - with no lids - they were just like the shape you have here. This was a polish lady, and we thought the bottom dishes were a bit short to be roasters - but later we learned that she used these to make specific Polish dishes - "gumke" is how they pronouced them - but I think it was stuffed peppers.  Wish you had found this a while ago - I could have  made a match with you! So look for "shallow" clear pyrex dish - and you might still find the rest of this! Good Luck!

Interesting! Another avenue to pursue! Thanks!

I can't find your lid.  I suspect that it is not a lid, but rather a meat platter.  My research indicates it was made from 1939-1947 due to the tab handles on it.  I wonder if it has a military application?  Added research indicates that serial numbers have 3 digits and are found on the side, or on the rim. The matching piece, if there is one, would have the same number.  If you look up Pyrex you can find the serial numbers and determine what you have.

Thank you. I had considered that it could be a platter but if it is turned the reverse that it would be for a lid the raised letters would be part of the food surface and you couldn't really cut on it. I looked (in better light) at the numbers on it now and I see the # 2000 on one edge and it looks like a little raised square just passed that and a half font higher; could be 2000 degrees? And on the opposite edge is a raised A  A with a little less than 1/4" of space between them. I don't find any other marks on it.

Take your finger and feel all the way around the rim for a rough spot. That is how you can easily find the model number (if there is one).

Not sure what the 2000 means. Little square??  Mark for degree is a small "o" 1/2 font space above.  A model number for a bowl also has a "B" (bowl) or "C" (cover/lid).

Am thinking it was for a large institutional sized kitchen, military, prison, hospital, etc.

There is nothing else on it. The number 2000 and the little square suggested degrees to me because there is a big event at Corning every year that I thought was called 2000 degrees because the glass temp has to be that for blowing it. However, I just looked at their website and it's actually 2300 degrees so there's no relation there...

I put this photo on my FB page too and had some comments there. One person thought it may be European manufacture because it doesn't have the R for registered trademark. Another said her mother worked at Corning for over 25 years and that there were many sample pieces made and she wondered if it was something like that.


This is the lid to an aluminum roasting pan, by Pyrex. I have the complete item, which I found some years ago either at an estate sale or collectible fair, I can't quite remember.  I've searched online to try to find out the value of the piece, but haven't been able to find another. I think it appeared in the Pyrex collecting guide book which I bought years ago, but don't think they gave any value for it. See the attached photo of mine.


Hi Dirk, Is your aluminum roasting pan marked pyrex as well?

I'm thinking the European connection might be the answer here - being that my Lady was from Poland. ( my earlier post).

Hello Vicki, The only markings on the pan are on the bottom and state "Made expressly for Corning Glass Works", which of course are the makers of Pyrex. I have to dig out my old Pyrex guide and locate the item to see what they said about it. I'd like to find out the value on the piece but it seems to be pretty uncommon and can't find any info about it anywhere. I was hoping someone here would have some more info on it.


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