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I once enjoyed going to local auctions that were held on the estate's property. You never knew what you might find, due to the fact, the auctioneer's help could only sort through so much before auction time.

I had several favorite auctioneers , who's auctions I would be sure to attend.

The call of an auctioneer is music to my ears, and the auctioneer that was calling this auction was the old time auctioneer that loved to flirt with the ladies with compliments and also enjoyed telling a short story during the sale. He was a ruddy faced ole timer auctioneer by the name of Mullendore. He still calls today in his old age.

I did not read what the estate's contents was going to be, I went to enjoy the auctioneer.

Well, let me just say, the memory of this auction is as vivd to me today as it was the day it took place.

The house was filled with wonderful little cabinets that held the dearest little antique notions .

One cabinet had dear sewing notions, another cabinet beautiful straight razors, the kind that are works of art, and that are seldom seen today.

But what really drew everyone's attention that day, were all of the beautiful cabinets of half dolls.

They were not the usuaul half dolls...they were fine Germany half dolls...many arms away with graceful hands holding lovely roses...many with unusual hats or headdresses.

Pin cusion dolls with the wonderful tulle fabrics and the dreamy silk rosettes.

The bidding was fierce , and when one was defeated, and the heart began to cry, another even more beautiful half doll than before would be held up for bidding and again the bidding war. The entire event was most exciting.

The auction lasted from morning till night. And that auctioneer called it all, never stepped down from the podium till selling the furniture, those little cabinets and more.

Whoever the person was that owned this estate had a very fine eye for wonderful small treasures.

For several years those wonderful half dolls could be seen in the tri state area at the antique shops.

I kept as many as I could, but, even I, began to sell mine, one by one.

I did keep a stunning pottery centerpiece that is heavy and so amazing, I doubt if I will ever sell it. It is beautiful fruit, that looks so real, you have to touch it to realize it is not.

My heart still skips a beat or two when I see a pin cushion doll, and the memories of that wonderful day floods my brain and warms my heart, and then follows my smile.

What can be better than a precious little notion as the half doll, saved throughout the years, passed from one to another, passed for the love of it's beauty.

Best wishes, Linda


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Linda, What a wonderful story.  That certainly must have been how my Mother felt when she started collecting pin cushion dolls.  At one time she had three full china cabinets of half dolls which worked out great for me and my two sisters.  Not only did we get to share the half dolls we each received a wonderful china hutch to put them in.

Your mother truly did understand the wonderment of the half doll.

To collect them and keep them displayed in lovely cabinets is to enjoy their beauty.

To have daughters delighted to have a cabinet each filled with those dolls, and understand the adoration their Mother felt for these precious dolls, priceless

It's a pleasure to meet you

Your Mother would have swooned with delight as each cabinet was brought to the podium, the cabinet door opened, and each lovely doll held up as the prize it truly was ... those dolls were the talk of the town for many many years. It was quite a sight to see.

And I am sure the collector, though she was no longer walking the Earth, was smiling with glee and her soul surely danced a happy dance to know all those bidders behaved like children bidding the most they could, to own such a treat.


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