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Hi everyone,

My father passed away a couple years ago and I am now going through the house to sell it.  I vaguely remember him collecting swankyswigs and now I have a box of them here.  I have picked out my favorite ones to keep but sadly need to part with the majority of them.  I am wondering what the best way to do this is.  There are maybe a hundred of them.  I see by looking at some price lists that some are worth more than others.  Would it be best to just sell all of them together in a bundle or should I separate them into patterns and sell in small groups?  I dont have a ton of time as I live in the UK and will have to head back in a few weeks but I want to find a good home and still get a decent price for them.  Perhaps I should pick a few more out to keep that are extra special ones?  But I am not familiar enough with these to know what those would be.  Im also not sure where the best place would be to sell them, ebay always seems like a lot of work to get little interest.  Any help anyone can give me is appreciated.  I have photos but there are a bunch and they are on my ipad (im typing on the computer at the moment)  



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