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Not very many people seem to appreciate potholders.  As with all hand-made items you can never sell them for what the time, materials, etc. are worth and younger people don't seem to like things that have a use.  Now they mostly (in my opinion) use pot holder gloves.  They seem to be disappearing like aprons and hankies.

At the moment I'm making curtains of my hankies, randomly sewing them together by hand.  As hankies are all different sizes, I fill the holes with pieces of lace that I've saved from box lots, etc.

However, I can't think of what to do with all of my pot holders.  Perhaps I'll get enough time to take photos of them.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I have thought of perhaps sewing together four or so to be used as hot plates, or, if they are the same size, sew them together to use as placemats.  Perhaps as kitchen seat covers?  Any ideas?


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