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A Question we Get Asked A Lot - Can Bakelite Kitchenware Be Put in Dishwasher!

hi -

we so very often get asked the question when we sell sets of Bakelite flatware and other Bakelite kitchenware - "can i put it in the dishwasher."  Our answer is always the same - we do not recommend it and would not advise it."  It is however, up to the individual to do so or not - once they own it.  we love handling the Bakelite kitchenware and washing it and seeing it shine is also part of the fun! any thoughts on this?


now, how hard could it be to wash by hand, for instance, this wonderful set of Bakelite ice tea spoons? (see below attachment) !




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Great question with a definitive answer: NO! Bakelite should never ever go in a dishwasher, even if you skip the heat drying cycle. Here's another rule for Bakelite...RULE NO. 3: Wash by hand. I have had Bakelite with original manufacturer's papers and they recommended warm water as opposed to hot water. That being said, if you are washing and not soaking and soaking in the sink a hotter temperature that will address bacteria and germs is probably better in the long run. I like to tell people that anything they buy from Jim and me needs hand washing. It’s part of the joy of ownership and washing by hand gives you one more opportunity to handle your lovely pieces before putting them away. Dishwashers are simply too harsh for Bakelite and other vintage treasures and I can guarantee that the dishwasher will dry out the Bakelite and cause it to change color and crack.
glad you agree with the "bakelite washing rules" - no dishwasher - i have had numerous calls after we have sold sets asking the dishwasher question - i don't have a dishwasher, so it is a non-issue for me! even if i had one - would never, never put bakelite kitchenware in a dishwasher. i just love to handle the bakelite - goes for the bakelite jewelry also! i never get tired of touching and looking at it. you said you have an ebay store, barbara - what is the store?? stop by our shop sometimes - listed below.


Shown is Henry's Original Tomato and Steak Knife and I swear by them. The ultra thin blade slices tomatoes like butter ~ simply pierce the skin with the tip of the blade, and these work beautifully cutting meat! This Lucite-Bakelite combo is rare as they are usually found in yellow Bakelite that has oxidized to gold or light brown. I do have some for sale in the solid Bakelite handle and have two with original papers that I need to add to my eBay store. Grab them directly from me if you wish. Barbara
Here's a link to our eBay store: http://stores.ebay.com/Barbara-and-Jim-Mauzy?_rdc=1
The pieces I've placed are from our personal collection. I'll take a look at your shop. B
checked out your ebay shop - very nice! are you satisfied with ebay?

we are adding this adorable vintage bakelite child's set to the shop today - all three pieces - to the shop today - what helps make it unique is the little vintage plastic flatware caddy it comes in - don't think we ever saw one like this before - don't think it was ever used - bright and shiny!



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