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I found these at a yard sale this weekend.  They are small in size less than 2".  Two are cobalt blue glass with metal overlay, I don't see any markings. 

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Donna,  These are beautiful & very unusual.  They probably had a paper label. The caps on all them looks like 50's/60's, but just don't know.  A really good find.  Keepers for sure.

Thank you Brenda.  I'm going to list them on Ebay and let the market set the value for them. 


These are gorgeous and really unique.  Have you listed them yet on ebay and under what user name?  Thank you!

I haven't listed them yet, hopefully today.  My selling name is sweet-savings 

If you are interested in buying them, make me an offer.  I was able to purchase several perfume bottles the other weekend. I'm not a collector of them but I buy things that I think will sell. 

How big are they?  I am just starting a collection of items to use in staging for my photography and jewelry and these are perfect.  I don't know what these go for so if you throw me out a price that would be great.

See the link above I have listed them on Ebay.

The bottles ended at $51.51


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