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hi big sarge, it is easier if you post them separate as different people know different ones so can answer easier - also if you do a general search use vintage atomiser, frosted, crystal etc with perfume bottles, should find plenty hope it helps regards kath

1st one is an atomiser (ugly is their desciption not mine ) asking 19USD not sure it sold

Ugly Vintage Lead Crystal Perfume Bottle Atomizer Tagsale | eBay

Up for sale is a perfume bottle.

Has a black atomizer attachment with a tassle.Bottle has a design of alternating circles in clear and frosted. Label on front of bottle is worn but says lead Crystal. Label on bottom of bottle says New York London Paris and has a picture of a giraffe, also says made in Taiwan. Needs a good cleaning.


2nd one   lamp and berger dont think its that old can search on internet you will find more

History - Vintage Lampe Berger Lamps & Fragrances, Clary & Co ... - Similar
On the mantle is a small crystal bottle, a Lampe Berger. The wonderful fragrance wafting from its interior is actually the product of a simple scientific principle, ...
3rd one i think the lid may not belong with the bottle
4th one ruby lane has one you can have a look there


1024 × 1246 - Beautiful Frosted Glass Perfume Bottle w/Glass


Thanks Kathy for the response. I had given up on getting a response and was just showing the others hoping for a reply. Thanks.




hey hope it helped some, and never give up !!!

have a great week kath


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