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Perfume Bottle History & Info

Lalique Glass

By the 19th Century, mass production presented a growing challenge to individual
perfumers and craftsmen, and the 20th century witnessed the rise of the great
commercial houses such as Chanel, Lanvin, Dior, and Lauder. In the late 19th and
20th centuries, perfume was sold in simple containers which were meant to be
emptied into more luxurious perfume bottles displayed on the dressing table. The
individually-made perfume bottle was replaced with a beautifully-designed, but
uniformly-manufactured product. The most famous example of this is the
collaboration between Nina Ricci and Lalique Glass that resulted in the 1948
fragrance "L'Air du Temps" and the bottle with the dove (or doves, depending on
the version). Lalique perfume bottles are highly collectible and prices for these
bottles can be in the thousands of dollars. Heavily manufactured and marketed
perfumes such as Coty and Nina Ricci, make the Lalique bottle easier to find and

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Hey....Thanks for the info!! I collect perfume bottles....I have ALOT!! Never really put a value on them until I came across this site! Love it :)

Hi there. A great little read, very informative - Sharing the perfume/scent bottle love from a fellow collector! Thanks for sharing.


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