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Recently obtained this collection from an estate and know little to nothing about it. I know you can't comment on each bottle but looking for overall info on the collection . Ages of the majority, history of origin, value etc.... I have tried and tried to post images not links to my pictures but I do not see the buttons as described to me by Tom and other members. So your just going to have to be patient with me until I figure all this out .

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More perfume bottle pics

Hi John, Nice collection. It looks like you've got a mixed group, both on ages and places of origin. I'd say most are either; USA, Czech made or French made. Some can be worth considerable amounts, especially old French ones that still hold a scent. Do not clean out perfume residue, if you have any. Collectors go crazy for that, or if they still hold perfume.

You would need to post each bottle, or collection of bottles if they match, or are very similar. Even then, its a tough call. If you purchase a good, used ID/value collector book from amazon, or abebooks that would be best. Good Luck, and let us know what you find out.

Thank you very much

Nice Avatar!

Nice collection of perfumes. I don't know much. I can see quite a few with paper labels, but can't read them. If any are "California Perfume Company" that is what Avon was called early on (late 1800s) and they're worth a bundle.

Re, the pics.  If don't use a Personal Computer for some reason you can't see those icons. The problem with links is the time it takes to open and view a  pic and you can't re-visit it. To look at all 6 of your links I have to wait about 4 minutes.

The Editor in chief, Dianne Zweig, is aware of the problem but cannot fix it.

Thanks Tom I'm learning but the no toolbar issue drove me nuts. You were explaining but I could not locate it .


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