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Morning everyone, I bought this bottle at a yardsale, I bought it because the shape was "different". There are no labels, it is marked LNK Ltd - researching that I found giant perfume bottles! My questions - is this an advertising perfume bottle? If so - does anyone know which perfume? Lastly - does the cork beong to this bottle? Thanking you all in advance!

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Is there a marking on the base? If so can you share a picture for us?

I do not think the cork is what should be there - you should have a matching glass stopper - all perfume bottles come with matching glass stoppers.

It may be a nice old one though - nice find!

Hi Vicki, thanks for replying. I tried to take a picture of the base, but I can't get a clear shot. It does say LNKLTD - the N is leaning! It is molded into the glass (I don't know the proper term - still learning!!)

Hi there

I also bought an LNK bottle recently, pyramid shaped and approx. 8" high. I believe it to be for commercial not domestic usage. I do think the cork does belong, as my bottle also has a cork (which will not budge!) Have include some shots of it, but not the world's greatest photographer :(





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