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Is anyone familiar with this backstamp.  Appears to have

the letters KNAZW.   Made in Japan.

Thanks so much!

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I may have made a discovery (please bear with me).

My wife and I have a nearly identical set.
It's obviously the same basic design, as all the individual design elements match.
But my piece seems to be more finely drawn, the colors more carefully applied. (meaning no disrespect, just being objective)
Also as my china is marked "Japan", while yours is marked "Made in Japan", I think it possible that my set is pre-WWII, while yours may be a postwar reproduction.

Now as to that backstamp:
It occurs to me that cartouche with the letters KNAZW may be intended as a kind of puzzle...
What if it's supposed to be read in two-letter syllables, from each corner to the "A" in the middle, first top left, then top right, bottom left, bottom right.
That would give us the syllables KA NA ZA WA

It turns out the city of Kanazawa has been an important Japanese pottery center.
Although best known for Kutani ware, as this china was clearly intended for export, I could easily envision some business-minded kiln contracting to produce an Imari-type design to suit American tastes of the time.

I'm no expert, but it makes sense to me...
Anyway, it may at least provide a starting point for further research.
Please let me know if you learn anything new.



Thank you very much !   Very interesting and I certainly appreciate you taking the time to write.   I have also come to learn that this pattern is very close to an English Masons, I believe Windsor.

Happy Holiday! 


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