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Seeking some idea of value on this set---I want to be fair to the seller--but also fair to myself before making an offer..So maybe some of the antique dealers could give me imput

Hand painted by Irene Marshall of California in the 1950's. She is still alive today and at 92 still paints. I have been able to buy a few pieces from her to sell on my website and have an idea of prices she sells on her newer items, but this is vintage and looks to be a complete set.

includes the following
Complete 12 piece place setting including dinner, salad, dessert, cup and saucer. 
Tea and Coffee pots
Cream and sugar bowls
Two covered serving bowls
Salt and Pepper shakers
Gravy boat
Two square 8" serving platters
Oval serving platter
and a few other misc. items

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Can you post a photo of the back mark? That will be helpful.

here is her signature on the back of one of the plates
Are there any china blank maker marks as well? Because that can significantly alter the value as well.
I will email the seller, this is all he sent me. I do know that she used quite of bit of German made china blanks.
this is the answer I got back from the seller

There are no markings that I can see on any of the pieces. This set of china was hand painted for my mother-in-law, Margaret Elmquist. I believe that Margaret was one of Irene's first customers as well as being a friend of Irene's. Margaret probably purchased these pieces in the middle to late 1950's. Margaret passed away about 6 years ago and they were passed on to Margaret's daughter, Glenda, who is my wife. Glenda and I were married in 1967 and Irene attended our wedding and presented us with a "Marriage Certificate Plate" as a wedding gift, which we still of course have.
If you have any other questions or would like more information just send me an e-mail and I will try to provide you with that.


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