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Now when I say up-cycling china, I mean old broken or orphaned or otherwise unusable china! My sentimental roots can't envision a good condition tea set doing anything but serving tea! :) However, as we all know, many of our pieces of heirloom china do not stay in good condition. That's when my sentimental roots can't get rid of them either!

This discussion is for ideas to recycle or up-cycle as we say now a days into a new life and purpose. Everyone WELCOME to share!

Craftgawker has several ideas including these tea cup candles...

This idea would be especially good for tea cups with inside damage such as hairline cracks, stains or over-crazing.

Another idea for broken china saucers is this beautiful mosaic...

Of course, Donna's topless tea pot garden inspired this discussion...:)

Brambleberry Cottage

Time share your stash of ideas for up-cycling china.

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Are upcycled teacups your cup of tea?

"It is no secret that the British love a good cuppa tea, but UK designer Abigail MaryRose Clark of MaryRoseClark has taken it to a whole new level ~ you could say she is creating a storm in a  teacup.  Fascinated by the variety of intricate patterns that adorn all bone china teacups, she is now transforming old and damaged bone china into beautiful pieces of jewellery that beguile their original form."

Stay Gold Mary Rose

I really, really love this idea for up-cycling vintage china tea cup and dinner plate!

At Home on the Bay

THOOKER shop on Etsy  - this is a cup idea for broken china.

 VALENTINES DAY 14% SALE Broken China Mosaics - Vintage China Mosaic Picture Frame for a 4x6 Photo Wedding or Shower- Mosaics - Picture Frame

Recycled flower porcelain rose brooch,,repurposed antique tea cup

Art by Glen

This is just a fun, fun article on a Yorkshire England blogger who made the news with her Vintage China Upcycle Project. Read "I am an international superstar!" and see Angel in the North blog.

So, so pretty! Genuine antique Chi ng Dynasty green floral shard wrapped in an ornate band of gold plated metal. It is from the Chi ng (or QING dynasty ), between 100- 300 years old.

Talk about up-cycled porcelain china!


Just in time for SPRING! In our "Up-cycling China" discussion look at this lovely idea!

Vicki Chrisman Art from the Heart

So pretty!  Spring time fun.

With one old broken porcelain china plate, you could make dozens of these and still remember the nostalgic pattern!

Lil Blue Boo

A folk-artsy mosaic...grand upcycle project with broken porcelain china!

Dishfunctional Desigins: Broken China


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