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hi please could anyone help if possible, i got this from my mom it was a wedding present from her late mom, it is the full set no markings unfortunately - i have searched on line but not sure what to call it, it is bone china my mom says

sorry not clearest pic but gives idea of pattern blue tie die effect with red brown rims - any search clues would be great

thanks kath

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Hi Kathy!

Your set must be unmarked? I love the shape and have not seen that pattern before!


oh Ellene thanks for the reply was hoping you would have a look - i have looked for ages and cant find it on line, there are no markings at all, my mom was told by her mom that there were only 2 one in blue which she gave to my mom and one in green (i thought that was an old wives tale but maybe she was right) i would really like to find out more if i could just have no starting point except it looks art deco ? i think - enjoy your week


Like you, I'm having trouble knowing what key words to use in the search. :)

Are all the pieces octagonal? The dating would be 30's or 40's? Did your mom think it was American made?

Hello, Need larger images and would always be helpful to have an image of the bottom. The base can tell a lot about a piece when expert eyes look at it, even when there is no mark. (Maybe not my old eyes). Do you think it has a 'honeycomb' pattern or design? I can't tell for sure if we are looking at pottery or porcelain.

Kind Regards,


Edit: I see now your tortoise comment.

ahhhhh its taken an hour to get pics from my phone to home computer - server issues and me dont go but i have some

Oh wow, Kathy, these pics show a lot more! Thanks for making this happen. Way different looking than the small tea pot pic! :)

I hope we can help you!

Ahh, Thanks for letting me know Ellene - I've seen this before! if I recall correctly it is old English Staffordshire. The cobalt blue in some cases does "flow" which is always more desirable.

This is very old Kathy - hence no markings - many of the Stafforshire potters didn't bother to mark their wares. Before 1880 in any case. If you do a search using "Antique Staffordshire Cobalt blue, Ironstone" you may be able to get a better hit on this.

It's very nice and very old! :)

thanks soooooo much i shall start my search again - this time with direction, you can see through the cups if you hold them up - saw that last night , is this bone china ?

appreciate everyones help greatly thanks kath

Nice job on your images! I tried to respond earlier from my cell but it wouldn't post. Probably because I forget to sign out from my desktop.

oh trust me i know the feeling !!! i spent at least 2 hours figuring out how to sort these two posts out i was brain drained afterwards - my 15 year old took pity on me eventually and bought me a cable to plug from phone into PC hehehe

so glad we are on the same page here -  it does make life easier when you have a technical 15 year old as well


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