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Hello Everyone,

I found this beautiful set of cups, saucers a teapot etc and at the bottom it says FPM.

Does anyone know what it stands for or where it is from?

I just fell in love with the blue ears on each piece :-)

I apologize if the photos are not great, we are loosing daylight quickly so i had to move fast.

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Here is an extra photo


Hi Sarah, This is just a guess, but I think your set is German. KPM is a very well known manufacturer of fine china in Germany, and my guess would be that this is a "Spin off" if you will of that name, using instead "FPM" it's rather common to see factories that competed with one another copying each other's names, patterns and styles.

Hope that helps you a bit! Also, if you go to the Gutenberg website you may be able to find your exact markings. Here is the link: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/40311/40311-h/40311-h.htm

Good Luck!

Hi Vicki,

Thank you so much for all your information!

I checked the link you gave me out but i don't see FPM in the list anywhere.

So if i get it right, you think this is a spin off by a competing company and not a spin off from KPM themselves?

I hope i am able to find the story behind these pieces, it's so exciting to find something like this :-)

Hi Sarah, Happy To Help! and yes, that is my best hunch. If you don't have any luck looking at porcelain/bone china makers marks online, you could go to the local library and borrow Kovels Book of marks. There may be others there as well. 

But Kovels is the best known. Most all European makers markings are in their book. If you go to the Index in the back, you might find it right away. (fingers crossed). 

I did find another online source for German marks. Here is the link: https://www.google.com/search?q=German+Makers+marks+Bone+China+Porc...

I can tell you are a new collector! Welcome to the club! :)

Thank you so much!

I have still not been able to find anything on it sadly enough :-(

i found another beautiful cup and saucer but no information on it. I started a new discussion on it. I may be reading the name on the bottom wrong, who knows.

The search for FPM continues for sure!

Beautiful set.

I have a KPM marked teaset and it does have the appearance of similar. 

Looked in 2 books and online and cannot find your mark though. Will keep looking. 


Thank you so much Sandy for helping.

I have been searching all over the net as well, and my mom has done so as well and we can not find anything yet either.

Such a mistery this one.

I just found something with the name FPM but the logo looks different from the FPM on the tea set.

Here is the link:


I have an update on the FPM Set.

I decided to contact replacements.org and sent them some photos.

I got a reply today:

"Unfortunately, we could not identify your pattern. We appreciate your interest and hope to serve you in the future."

So i am no further on the tea set. I even contacted KPM and asked them if they knew anything about the tea set or the marking at the bottom but had no reply yet :-(


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