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Please help me complete my collection. I have 8 teacups and saucers. Looking for any other items.

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So pretty! I love the color. I read on Burford Designs blog that she was searching for the same pattern and never found more than one or two pieces at a time.

Noticed this one saucer on ebay.

Will keep on the look out!

Thank you, Ellene. I sent her a message about it, and I found two double-handled soup bowls from eBay UK that I bought. I'm really looking for any pieces besides teacups and saucers, since I have eight of those, each. Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled! Know anything about Zylstra?

You are welcome, Amanda! I do not know much about this china's history. I think most of it was produced in Japan.

Here are a few pieces available on Replacements.

Unfortunately, those are not actually available. I'm not sure why they have them listed, because they are not in stock. This is proving to be a very difficult pattern to find. I have "registered" this pattern on Replacements, so they will send me a notification if anything becomes available.

So sorry, Amanda! Well...one of these days, you will hit the jack pot! Hope you are not on a time line. :)

Hi.  I know it's been over  year.  I am picking up a set of this china tomorrow and would love to know more about it, what serving pieces were ever available, if any?   My set comes with service for 12 and includes dinner and salad plates 12, dessert plates 9, teacup and saucer 12.  I would like to find the 3 missing dessert plates and am  very interested in soup bowls.  Does anyone know anything about this set?  It states on the back it is made in England and the other Zylstra sets Ive found were made in Japan.   Approximate age?  It is so pretty.  I found a very good price on the set.


So glad you found a set of this Zyistra/Ada china, Jeanenne! I noticed Replacements still doesn't have it in stock. That yours is made in England is interesting. Will have to do some research on that! :)

Is there any possible way you would be willing to sell me your set? I've been looking to complete mine for over ten years. Name your price!


Amanda, I would have to think that over.  I have never purchased China before this set.  It just doesn't speak to me with all the florals.  This Robins' egg blue is so pretty and goes with my beach/lake house.   I did find an add for dinner plates in Colorado from last year.  Not sure if she still has them.  It was for 12 dinner plates at 25 apiece, which seems pretty steep to me.  LMK if she has them.  My set is for 12.   Here was the contact for the plates.  It is on a website called JLA forums.  Call Ruth after 5pm at 720-284-8012

Hi there - I've got 8 perfect soup bowls and their accompanying plates if you're still looking. 

I have one large plate. :)


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