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A Community For People Who Buy, Sell or Collect Antiques, Collectibles and Art

A place for all the MEMBERS of China Chat Group to show off their china collections or porcelain china goods for sale!

Can add a bit of info about yourself and how you came to collect or sell porcelain china. Can add photos, descriptions and links to your IOA page or store.

Basically, we can get to know each other in this group! :)

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About me: I fell in love with china tea cups and saucers and tea pots long ago just by loving the art of tea, learned from my aunt after she taught school as an American teacher on the air force bases in England. She came back and gave her young nieces lessons in "proper" tea and from then on, I was hooked!

As an adult, I've purchased porcelain china tea sets along the way but only began dealing in 2007, when I carried on my mother's Grandma's Treasures as Grandma's Treasures Online.

In my store, my china items are eclectic variety (just like my mom's :)), at the moment they include: Noritake, Flow Blue, Kwaker, and Sevres Bavaria.

In the cups and saucers, I have Spode, Dawn, Anysley, Noritake, Berry Haute French, Wedgwood and in single saucers I have Royal Albert, Stanley, Rossetti...

You can click on the links to see the photos.

Floral Bread Plate - Occupied Japan

I realize that many of you are way to busy to post your 'story' and photos here so I thought I would go through the members and feature you one by one. Maybe your brief mention and possible photo will come up...in a few years! :)

Featuring: Debra Halcro!

Story: "I have always loved and been fascinated by old or long forgotten things. But i really caught the "bug" 15 years ago when i picked up a piece of depression glass for 25¢ and sold it on ebay for $78.00! Well, I've never been the same since and i don't look at thrift stores the same way as before...theres GOLD in them thar thrift stores.
I love the hunt and dscovering treasure is more exciting and satisfiying then actually selling it but i don't have room to be a horder so i manage three booth spaces at a local antique store."

Featuring: Lillian Dunbar

Story: "Recently retired after working 38 years for state government. I am still single, an only child, and living in the Victorian "homestead" with two cats, Adam (who I use as my avitar) and Gus. Inherited parent's estate when Mom passed on in 2006. Still in the process of sorting out things which seems endless. My folks were avid collectors, especially mom. Her collections of Depression, cut & pressed and carnival glass is extensive. Also a great deal of china and porcelain."

Featuring: Michelle Eagle

"Relatively new at antiquing. Began going to auctions of antiques and collectibles in March 2009. Have found a hobby that I am passionate about and pursuing a profession with this on ebay. Have excelled to Power Seller in several months and am intrigued by antique porcelain, glass, and pottery."

Featuring: Vicki Hufstetler

Story: "I am a certified appraiser of antiques and collectibles with general knowledge of most things and specilities in the areas of Glassware, Art Pottery, Jewelry, American Furniture and general household.
I am also an Estate sale Specialist - with more than 20 years in the field of collecting: American Depression glass, American and European Art glass, Victorian era Majolica, American and European Art pottery from the periods of 1880 - 1930's."

Featuring: Kathleen Sweetin

Story: "Since moving to Scotland last year I have finally been able to realize my dream of being able to collect and sell china. I also have picked up a few other antique and collectible items and furniture from auctions."

Featuring: Debbi from Marionberry Cottage

I don't know Debbi's story but her photos of china on her page are amazing! Here's just one of them...

I do know she loves pink roses. :) And here's her website: Marionberry Cottage

Featuring: Sherry Miller

Story: "From 1997 through 2012 I was a full time eBay trading assistant and live auctioneer. We helped others sell all things, anything; primarily estates here in Texas and containers from Europe and Asia; giant shipping containers filled with overflowing household treasures from estate sales overseas filled with overflowing household treasures from estate sales overseas."

Featuring: Shawn Jones

Story: "56 yr female architect/designer who has been an auction and estate sale lover since she could walk and go with her collector Grand Mama."

Featuring: Annie

Story: "Since I retired from teaching, I found that attending auctions, then reselling on eBay is a source of pleasure and supplements my income. I enjoy going to auctions and buying boxes of mysteries. After I unpack and admire all the vintage stuff, I sell them on ebay. I would not consider myself an expert, but I am knowledgeable about many china patterns and markings: Spode, Ansley, Lenox, Fenton, Stuebenville, Wood & Son."


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