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Does anyone know how to get in touch with rare wine collectors in Ontario, Canada? I have some rare vintages that I want to sell.

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Cindy, I googled "wine collectors" "Ontario Canada" (note the quotation marks) and up popped quite a few good hits. I opened one about Patricia Dinsmore.
I scrolled down to Ms Dinsmore's work history and organizations she belongs to, and many different organizations came up. Use quote marks around the names and Google them. Some are obviously not related to wine. Here is what I found:
* Ontario Wine Society
* Foodies
* Fine Wine drinkers
* Women & Wine
* world wide wineprofessionals
* Wine Lovers
* Beer Wine Spirits Network
* Wines of the World Group
* Wine2.0
* Wine and Spirits Professionals
* Wine Connections
* Vintage Wines
* Wine Collectors Only
* The Wineries of the World



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