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is it Beer that makes your day - wine that makes you shine - or liqure that makes you shout!!

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I'm a Vodka Guy - some Grey Goose or Effen or Ketel one and I'm in heaven!! Mixed of course, I'm not Hard core or anything
emmm, Beer
me Love Beer!!!!!!!!! eeemmmmmmmm!!!!!
Strawberry margarita or rum and coke some times beer only if that's all that's there LOL
Margaritas!:) Rum & Coke, During xmas vodka with red pop & peppermint sticks, and during the summer is about when I will drink some beer...after mowing yard, and that sort of thing:)
Lilacs your like me LOL beer when its hot out! ice cold beer when I am hot is good! speaking of mowing the yard That's what I am doing in a moment after I drink my coffee and read my email...
Appletini's anyone??


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