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I have a few different beer signs, many from my grandpa that owned a diner in the 60's.  They all work and I was wondering if they are worth anything? Thanks!
Schlitz sign.JPG
Oly Sign.JPG
Busch sign.JPG
Busch Sign (2).JPG
Busch Sign (3).JPG
Coors Sign (3).JPG
Coors sign.JPG
Coors sign (2).JPG
Coors Light Sign.JPG
Bud sign.JPG
Bud Light sign.JPG
Bud Sign (2).JPG

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You have some nice looking signs, and you can tell that some of them are old too. Best of luck to you:)
Great signs, My favorite is the Schlitz that looks like the Daily Planet Logo from Superman!!! - also the 3rd. Busch one is pretty cool and retro!
Nice signs a great collection and they look in good shape.


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