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I am in the process of finding homes for my book collection.

I have been an avid book lover all my life and have accumulated many.

Most are non-fiction, but a few are literary classics.

No, most are not first edition and all have been used and cherished for many years by a lot of people. They are not the "set on a shelf and look at for decoration" type of books. Libraries don't even want them... most are 75 years old and above.

I did manage today to get one lady to take, for free, over 2 dozen art and art history books but she acted as though she were doing me a huge favor in taking them.

Does anyone else find it as impossible as I am finding it to be,

to even give away books these days?

It hurts my heart to see so many have turned away from this form of learning.



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When I had to move to another state and faced downsizing my books, I donated dozens and dozens of my art books and Great Books and top notch fiction books to local high schools.  They were my first choice and they were thrilled to get them (especially the art books which were large and wonderful!) but that was over 14 years ago now.  With e-books and the general decline of reading, I'm not sure the response would be the same today. 

Today I think I would take them to a library who accepts donations.  When my local library is accepting books, they often fill their own shelves with donated books if they are in good condition and a book they don't have.  This helps them save their budgeted $$ for other books.  What's left over then goes up for sale to the public which buys them more books, too.  HOWEVER, book sales have been slow in recent years and they are overstocked with donated books they can't move fast enough.  If I want to donate books now, I have to go to the the next town to do so. Their library still accepts donations.

Like cursive writing, I fear reading books is a thing of the past.  And, yes, it IS sad because already I see a marked decline in intelligence among those people who do not read.  TV and social media just can't bring you the little nuances of knowledge that a bookcase -- or six! -- of books can.

A bookcase - or six?   Have you been in my house?  lol

A couple years ago I donated over 600 books.

The ones I have now (still hundreds), are mostly VERY old.

Libraries don't want them on the shelves.

You are correct..

the day of a real book in hand, I fear, is leaving too fast.

Social media, in all it's disguises, is taking over.

I often wonder, when studying ancient civilizations, why we are told

"they left no written record" and

therefore probably were not "as advanced" as other societies.

And just where would that leave THIS generation 500 years from now?


Oh, I meant one to six bookshelves PER SUBJECT.  :)  I was just trying to figure out how to stuff some more bookshelves into my apartment because I'm tired of books stacked on every available surface.  I'm a bookaholic, too,  but you and I, dear, are becoming extinct.

Hello Joy and Giselle, I am among you! I too am a "Bibliophile"  The correct term for somewhat "obsessed" LOL Book lovers!

But, I also sell them. And, I will only purchase OLD books, printed before the 1940's!

So, Joy, I must ask, do you have a list of titles, and or some photo's showing the titles and condition of your books? I'm thinking as a winter project of "changing up" my current offerings. But, I sell mainly fiction, Classics and Some non fiction books.

Send me a message on what you are wanting to sell, and a price range and perhaps I can help a little bit! :)

Nice to meet fellow book lovers!

Hi Vicki,

Welcome to the “GiJoVi Book Lover’s Club”  - Giselle, Joy Vicki -.

I am so glad to know there is actually a name for what Giselle and I do! LOL

It almost validates our actions. ‘Obsessed’ is one of the kinder words that has been used to describe my love of books. Thank you.

While in the process of listing titles, authors, etc with photos of the books onto my computer, I find myself rereading passages and admiring the books so it is taking much longer than it should.

I do have a few on my computer already with photos.

I could just go through and list some of the titles but that wouldn’t help much without an edition date, etc.

Most of mine are much older than 1940, but there are hundreds.

Many are not as old and ALL have been handled, read, used and NONE are the type for “display of beautiful books”. An unread book, to me, is just so wrong on so many levels.

As far a price range, I am still trying to figure that one out.

Value is such a subjective term when it comes to books. I would need help with that.

Unfortunately, or for some fortunately I suppose, the price of the book would probably be less than the shipping in most instances. I do have a handful that would be the exceptions.

I have very few first editions which seems to be what people want.

I don’t know if there is anything that I have you may be interested in.

If you have a website I could see, it may give me an idea of the types of things you sell.

A very short sampling of the types of books I have:

Napoleon I  by Dr. G. A. Zimmermann in German

Shakespeare Rare Print Collection

Pilgrim’s Progress FIVE editions

Great Pictures Described by Great Writers (with my summary of the previous owners genealogy)

Complete Works of O. Henry

Gone with the Wind

War and Peace

To Kill a Mockingbird

Pickwick Papers - Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club - Leather Cover

I have no idea of the number of what would be considered, Literary Classics, that I have.

Besides all kinds of Art books, Reference books, Religious writings, etc.

Are these the types you are looking for?

AND what is the website for your sales?

I've worn out multiple copies of Gone With The Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird.  For the first time ever, I bought them on audiotape.  Those are books I *always* insist are in the house, though.  Along with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Mrs. Mike and Clan of the Cave Bear.  My favs.

I have a collage photo of some books

on my photos page if you would like to see them.

This is becoming such a long process..... 

I'll be into the next century before I can get to all of them.  LOL


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