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i have just joined Bonanza how good is it ,seems nice people but also seems very quiet

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I think it depends on the seller, Sales are not what they use to be, But nether is the economic conditions, I have 6 booths there, plus a stand alone web store, We sell products there, I hear a lot about other places, but then I wonder why so many are coming to Bonanza if they are doing so well n all those other places?

It is one of the best social networking selling communities around, Most venues have not many who help each other, and now that's where Bonanza is different, Help is only a post away. I have my own web store and it's tough to find help there.

Bonanza is only 2 3/4 years old and will take time to mature.

do you use any other sites ? does upgrading with bonanza make much difference ?

You know it's hard to really tell, My main booth peaked at 3,600 items, My other booth (5) with only 100 t0 200 in each, sales in some are OK others like clothing are non existent. This larger booth has a Premium $24 subscription and has steady sales, But all I can say is this booth has high diversity of products, So it may be a combination of all these things that help.

so taking a subscription might help i suppose ,i sell on ebay also and have tryed ebid cheq out and some others ,you have good booths
I think all good things take time, Same with subscriptions, I think they work over time, We use to do Ebay and my store took time to get established, It's the same there. I do think small booths have a disadvantage, It's all about percentages. 4 of my 6 booths don't do well at all.
and you think thats because they smaller ?i see what you are saying you make alot of sense ,it has been nice talking to you i need to go now i hope we can talk again bye
i have a my own internet website which does ok but i joined bonanza to try and increase sales ,desirableart is also the name of my bonanza booth.i am lookin at other sites also

your shop is just stunning. the quality, variety , and great prices are very impressive. i do quite well on and your items are well suited to the site.


 i sell about 1-2 items a month from 500+ listings on Bonanza. i just clicked the transfer link so most of the listings are also on ebay where i sell about 300 items a month of the same inventory but at higher prices.

My Bonanza shop has around 500 vintage jewelry pieces listed and I typically sell 1 item a week. I first started to get sales when I listed over 100 items. Sales so seem quite slow, but steady. I do promote a bit on Facebook, Twitter and contribute to discussions.  I think if I spent more time on promoting or if I listed more, I would sell a bit more. I am pretty new to Bonanza (started listing last July, closed from Nov-March, now just reopened) so again I'm sure that those who put more efforts into their shops over time would see increased sales over mine.

I did have a paid membership for a while, but didn't notice increased views or sales from it...

I do like it very much there~ I like that they have several payment methods integrated, I've found the members to be very helpful and the staff replies with lightening fast speed. 

As Larry & Charline mentioned, Bonanza is still pretty new so you never know what will come with time.  I'll definitely be keeping my shop there as a supplement my other shops on Etsy, eBay and my own website.

My Bonanza Booth:

I forgot to mention that Etsy is a wonderful place to sell vintage as well.  My shop there also has around 500 items and my sales are typically 30 to 50 items a month.  The community there is often quite friendly and helpful as well. Etsy is relatively new and has taken off quite well in my opinion.  Good luck to you!

My Etsy Shop:


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