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Hi , I recently inherited a bucket of old crystals and I assume glass from old chandeliers.  I put them under a black light and some turn green and others stay purple, when I took pics they look blue.   I tried to google, but didn't find satisfactory answers.  Can someone explain to me, if the ones that turn green, does that mean those are glass?  And the ones that stay purple but look blue in pics, are those definitely crystal?  I would like to sell them as replacement crystals or glass, but I don't want to list glass as crystal or vice - versa.   I appreciate any  help in advance.  If there is a website I could go to that would be great also.  Thanks again.

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One more question.   I have colored pieces amber, purple, blue that also look green under the black light?  What would those be glass or crystal?  Any help would be great and am I posting on the right site?  

Glass that turns green under a UV light is due to the glass having uranium oxide in it. This was done until the 1960s, but after the uranium/nuclear scare it was declared unhealthy and ceased.

Clear glass that turned purple naturally (can also be done artificially) is due to the glass having manganese in it. It pre-dates 1914-1917. The Ultra violet rays in sunlight causes the purplization.

Crystal dings when tapped with a finger nail, spoon, etc. Glass doesn't.

That's about all I know...hope it helps.

Yes Tom, you always have a clear answer for my questions.  I believe they are glass because they do not ding.   But I thought all Chandeliers back in the day were made of crystal.  So I am stumped, because these chandelier were so old.  I am fascinated with the ones that turn green, that is cool.

It is confusing as Lead used in lead crystal also turns pinkish purple under UV

Thank you Angela,  Yes it is confusing.  I did some research and I guess the crystals they used years ago, were not as sparkling as the ones we have now.  They used cheap ones in their many chandeliers , so that's why I thought they were glass.


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