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Found this plate at an estate sale. I love the pictures in it. There is a lot of writing on the plate, Can you tell me what it says? The plate is 8 x 8"sq and has a bit of weight to it. It has a blue hallmark on the back, but I am learning that the hallmark means very little. I am not even sure if it is Chinese or Japanese. Thanks in advance for any info you might have available. Bernie, yourbounty

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Hi Bernie~ Carl can't see these small photos to read them for you; is the a way you could send or repost the photos? It appears to be Chinese but we need to see larger photographs.
Thank you Tanya

Thanks for looking at the plate for me. I have 2 more prints that are larger. I still can't figure out,
how people can just look at a piece and know right away if its real or 5 & dime. I really don't
see a difference. At least I found a piece I like. Thanks again, Bernie Yourbounty
Hi Bernie~
I will have my father see these photos tomorrow. It can take years to learn the difference of ages, what to look for and the quality level of a piece. In porcelains you look at the base -how the rim is, the glazes and color- certain periods had certain colors, The over all design of the piece. Once you have seen many fine pieces and then are handed a thrift store piece you know the difference. In person we can evaluate everything rather fast and I have written many articles on periods, markings, porcelains, history of the kilns that made the piece, etc. . We offer the handouts to customers that are interested in learning the process of how the piece came to be. Your common or 5 & Dime items are not glazed properly, the design can be decaled on, the color fades into one another, the porcelain is molded and not thrown, the list can go on forever. But, it all comes down to how you enjoy the piece you have. I can have an anceint porcelain wine ewer on a table and a thrift store dish next to it and I wouldn't care as long as it looks nice and I enjoy the look. My father has over 50 years in the business of appraising and my brother and I have the been studying and appraising the last 12 years. Over time you get to know what you are seeing/holding and can rattle off the age, glaze, design, sometimes the kiln it was made from and the value. We enjoy what we do and keep abreast of values from a vast array of markets throughout the world ( London, Paris, Tokyo, China, New York, Russia, Los Angeles, etc...). It is a business you study history, form of design, fine art and so many aspects to - just to keep up to date on your daily business. It's fun ...........Tanya
Thanks for the update Tanya. You and your family have my complete admiration.
I just got caught up on deciding which country it came from. You have a great
talent. Thanks, Bernie__ yourbounty
Hi Tanya, I love dropping in on you as I am always learning something new. ;) Thanks Oralei
Just putting this in again. Thanks Bernie
These look to be transfer printed so if Chinese no older than mid to late 20thC & if Japanese a bit older than that, photo of the back should tell country of origin.
just reading other comments, certainly 5 & dime IMO.
 Thanks for the additional info phil,  Bernie; your bounty


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