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I think most people are aware that antiques need to be protected from UV (Ultra Violet) light. In fact I can only think of a few antique things that aren't appreciably harmed by UV light. Iron, stone and precious metals. Fading is the immediate issue that we, as dealers, are generally concerned with.
I once worked in a furniture shop where the main display window faced South. Furniture in this window was replaced every Wednesday to prevent fading.
Leave an 1830's quilt in a sunny shop window for a month and you may have to reduce the price, by a lot. Given enough time UV light will actually break down the fibers and a fabric can become more delicate than a spider's web.
So just keep your stuff out of the sunlight and you're okay... right? In the short term... yes, but did you know that fluorescent lights emit fairly high levels of UV light? Museums that must use fluorescent lights place UV filter sleeves over the tubes. Realize that sunlight is 50 times stronger than fluorescent and, chances are, you will sell most of your merchandise within a year so it's not likely to become an issue. But for long term displays, you might do well to keep this in mind.
UV filters are available in some home improvement stores and several places on-line, such as,

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Les, this is very good advice....I have seen fabrics, pillows, printed materials, game covers etc fade.....Your post is a very important one......I hope you keep writing! Dianne


Thanks for the bump. I missed this great info the first time around.


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