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Which Is The Best Toy Dog To Have? Need your Help

I currently have a Sheltie (Jacob) . His picture is the avatar for this group. I want to get another dog, but a small lap dog. I have been looking at Maltese, Morkies, Shorkies, Bichons, Poodles, Yorkies, Havanese  etc.  

Whast do you have? What do you suggest....show pictures......pleasse tell me more about these diofferent breeds.

BIG QUESTION: Do you now of any pups near Connecticut?

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You need to get thyself to a dog show.  You can find out the nearest by locating your city/county's American Kennel Club Dog Club (if fact, go to the AKC website.  Plan on spending the day there.  Find the name of the dog club, contact them to ask when and whewre their dog show is held.  Then have them send you a catalogue time schedule that shows when all the toy dogs are being show and in which ring.  If you get there early you can find where they are grooming their dogs and chat with them.  Just remember not to bother them when they are going into the ring or touch their dogs unless asking.  You will see all the dogs there.  You can also go onto the AKC website andlook up the toy group and read about all of the breeds to narrow down the competition (grooming requirements, personality traits, etc).

If you get a cross of more than one breed remember that the personality and looks of that cross can be either the father or the mother's personality and can look like either the father or mother.  Maltese are adorable but need constant grooming, I have no idea what a Morkie is or a Shorkie.  Bichons also need lots of grooming and area not as small as maltese and are smart.  More grooming for the Poodle who is incredibly smart and barks the most.  Havanese is a relatively new breed so expect some variety between them.  Yorkies are another smart breed that is full of vim and vigor and makes you laugh a lot.

My advice?  Don't get a cross unless you expect to pay lots of money for an unknown temperament and health problems.  Go to a reputable breeder.  One that registers their dogs with the AKC and doesn't breed their dogs until they either get a championship for beauty or smarts.  Every breeder is kennel blind and needs a knowledgeable third party to rate their dogs.  If they don't expect to pay money to show them then it means that all they want is money for their dogs regardless what their dogs are.  Make sure that you get a contract which will prove to you that the breeder cares whether you breed 10 litters with your dog and are the owner of a puppy mill and that the breeder cares for the life of the dog what happens to it and will take it back if you are unable or unwilling to care for it any more.

Wow!  And that's my $5,000.00 worth of advice!  I love Italian Greyhounds myself but don't know much about them and have never had one.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

As for CT.  You can find any pups in CT.  Again, go to the AKC website, study the breeds then go to that breed club (which should be on that website) and they can give you a list of reputable breeders in your area or let you know if there are any rescues available.  But, again, remember, unless you are experienced with dogs you really don't know what that rescue has gone through and what the temperament is.  Sometimes they are so happy to be rescued that they make the best dogs in the world but sometimes it takes a bit of work to make them that way.

Thanks Debra

Lots of good advice .

Well, my dogs are my life.  Thinking about importing a puppy from Sweden now.  Be nice to have some new bloodlines in the breed.  Old linens and dogs and historical books.  What else can you ask for in life?


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