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Should Dogs Be Allowed At Outdoor Antique Shows Or Markets?

Believe it or not, not every outdoor antique show or flea markets allow Fido to come along. What is your opinion.....are dogs really a problem? Vendors and buyers have you encountered much in the way of unwanted poop? Do they knock over items for sale?  What's your

experience with bringing pooch to shows and markets?  

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Dianne,  I am on a small scale compared to a lot of people on here, however we are very dog friendly at our sales.  Our dog Lady, is running around checking out all the other dogs & when we ask her to come, she does.  We have never had a problem.  We have also taken Lady to Indoor & Outdoor auctions & outdoor sales & we have never had a problem with that either.  She is a med. size dog & very well behaved.  I really feel that Dog Owners that take their dogs with them, are very respectful & so is their dogs.  This is how the dogs have been trained.

Since I have a shop in the "hinterlands" of New York I have a lot of people that are local (loco?) that own dogs and let them run loose and a lot of people that travel with their dogs.  The people that travel with their dogs are very responsible and if their dogs are not well behaved they always keep them on a short lead or in their arms.  I don't think that people would travel with their dogs if they didn't love them and weren't concerned with the impression that they made.  However, I don't appreciate the loose, local dogs bounding into the shop (which is a barn) when the doors are open.  Even though they come in for attention sometimes a big happy dog can do damage (especially with its tail).  Only once have I had a problem with a dog traveling with someone.  The dog was large and out of control even though it was on a leash.  I have terriers that are in a gated area when they are outside and when other dogs are allowed to come up to the fence there is a terrible amount of noise and I have to put them in.

Brenda and Debra, thanks for posting, hope others will join our discussion.

Well, that being said, and after thinking about it I realize that it only takes one bad dog owner to have a landlord, hotel owner, etc., not accept dogs.  It's even getting difficult to go to a dog show and find a hotel that takes dogs.  Think how much money they are losing!

And, what about children below a certain age.  How many antique shops have a sign on the door that says "no children under such and such" an age.  How much money are they losing in comparison to the damage that that the children do?  Anyone done a study on this that belongs to this group?

There is always a bad apple.  How does the group feel as customers at the shows, etc, that don't take dogs or children?  How do you stop them at an outdoor show?


Absolutely dogs should be allowed.  I've never had an experience where  a dog has broken something.  I can't say the same for adults!


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