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I have this lamp and, when I searched ebay for milk glass hurricane lamp, I saw many lamps that referenced "gone with the wind". Some looked like mine and some didn't so I wonder what makes a hurricane lamp "gone with the wind" and is my lamp one?

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People don't use the term hurricane much any more.

Generally a gone-with-the wind lamp is modern term in use today which refers to a Victorian parlor lamp with a removable brass oil font. It often has a painted body and matching shade, usually a ball shade but sometimes a different shape shade. Some of them are also made in colored satin glass. Generally, they are antique lamps, fourth quarter of the nineteenth century. If you google the words for gone with the wind lamp some picture examples will pop up.  Your lamp would not fit the description. I'll try to post an example.


Thank you Eileen...What is the modern term used for my type of lamp?

I suppose it is whatever the company that made or sells  it calls it. I've seen some reproduction lamp company catalogs  that call these gone with the wind lamps in their catalogs and others just call them table lamps. I only collect and deal in antique oil lamps and don't know much about newer electric ones. You could try googling the different words and see what comes up. .I suspect you lamp is circa 1970s.

Thank you. Have a wonderfful day! :)

I thought "gone with the wind" referred to the book/movie in which this type lamp was used.  The term "hurricane" indicates that the lamp will not blow out even in hurricane force winds.

The old ones were kerosene with wicks. The new ones have the same shape but are electric.

Just an antique Hurricane Lamp.....I entered the term "double globe" but they all say the manufacturer's name and then Hurricane Lamp.

Summit Lamp 4924 D 2 Light Hurricane Table Lampthis one says    Summit Lamp 4924 D 2

This is a contemporary electric lamp. And Summit is the name of the company. the 4924 D 2 is the stock or identification number....

As someone else mentioned,  Hurricane lamp means some type of oil or candle lamp with a glass chimney or flue, or in the case of a metal handled lantern, a metal top with air holes that will keep the light burning even in a drafty area. This could be almost ANY old oil lamp with this characteristics.

    A gone with the wind lamp is named after the movie with the same name as a double globe lamp such as the one pictured below was depicted in the movie and the name stuck all these years later.



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