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I wonder if anyone is familiar with this type of lamp shade. It is blown, white glass, painted on the outside in a rather primitive style, 8 3/4 inches in diameter with a 3 inch opening at the top. The opening has a metal ring which is tarnished and perhaps nickel plated. The lower edge of the shade is polished, not ground. It is light in weight. My assumption is that it is for a kerosene lamp, or maybe early electric lamp with a chimney, and the shade is supported directly on the chimney. It is light enough that this would be possible. There is no sign of any abrasion around the bottom edge indicating it sat in a fitter. I'd appreciate any thoughts on whether I am right about its use, or any alternatives; also, an approximate date. Thank you. (Note: 3 overall pictures of the shade are attached, and 4 detail pictures are added at the end of the post as a reply. The first reply picture shows the shade with a light shining through from the inside.)

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Your lamp shade is called Dome Shade, or Lampshade. It could be from thousands of different styles. Look at the link, maybe you can find a twin.


You can also google, Vintage Dome Lamps (click Images) which will show lamp styles as well as shades.

Thanks, Tom. Not having received any replies to this post, I reposted it in "Wadja Find Today," and it was identified as likely being a product of the Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass, and Glass Co. As such, it would be a shade for an early electric lamp with a cast metal base. They had a shade holder that the metal ring on this shade would rest on. I will look at the site you suggested. 


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