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I recently bought this electric wall sconce. It reminds me of the type of lamp called a "femme fleur" that has a statue of a woman with foliage around and light sockets incorporated into flower heads. However, this sconce never was attached to a statue. It seems to have always hung on a wall, as there is no evidence that it was ever attached to anything else. It was also not hard-wired into the wall, but had a cord that would have been plugged in to an outlet. It is made of bronze or brass that is patinated and partly painted. There are three large rose flowers that had sockets in them. The sockets are gone, but the old cloth-covered wires are still there. There are also various smaller glass flowers sprinkled throughout the leaves. The two main stems are soldered together and then wrapped  with twisted wire.

I have never seen anything like this and wonder whether anyone else has. I would appreciate any thoughts on its origins. According to the seller, it was found hanging on the hallway wall of a brownstone house in Brooklyn.

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More than likely this was mounted on the back of a small statuette and either used as a table lamp or as a newel post lamp.

Thanks for your reply. That's what I thought at first, but there is no obvious place where it would have been mounted--no solder marks or flat areas, the bottoms of the main branches are fully sculptured, and there is a square tube soldered on the back for hanging that is certainly old and looks like part of the original construction. The cord comes out of a hole near the bottom of a main branch, and there is no obvious way it could have neatly entered a statue to come out the base.


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