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Howdy folks, I new here in these here parts.  I guess for about a month now, I have been obsessed with vintage lamps.  There is just so much beauty and art to them, that I just never really noticed before.  I've been pretty lucky with some buys that I have had on the cheap.  I've been able to purchase a couple of Stiffels, a matching pair of Gilbert Softlites with  funky shades (still not sure if the shades are original),  and one that i purchased today.  It is so beautiful that I have to find out its origin.  Forgive me if I don't use the correct lingo, but I'm a quick learner.  Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can offer.  

Quick description before the pics.  The base appears to be porecelin.  The body is white(milk?) and blue opaque glass.  the rest appears to be solid brass with a nice even patina.  There are also some gold paint highlights, which are pretty much gone on the body.  The last picture shows the only damage, so I know its not the holy grail or anything.

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oops, forgot some detail.  The only mark I can find on the outside of  the sockets.  It says Hearst, Chicago, IL.  

Thanks again for any help you can offer to set me in the right direction to find the maker.

Pretty.  Looks like flow blue.

You know, if it WAS flow blue I wonder if you could disassemble enough to see if there is a marking on the bottom of the porcelain?

I have a gut feeling about this lamp. Google the word "Carcel" and look at the group pictures. See if you see some similar parts in some of the pictures. You may have found yourself an electrified 19th century lamp! Whether any of the interior original parts remain I do not know.  I'm an oil lamp collector and dealer but I've never purchased one of these as they almost always have been electrified but this is what I think it may be.

Wow, thank you!  I think that's right on the money.  It is such a cool lamp.  Whoever electrified it, used some great materials and workmanship.  Definitely holding on to this one.  

 Found this picture.

Thanks again for the responses.



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