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Hi, I found this lamp the other day and I thought it was very interesting. Unfortunately its sort out of the normal for what I normally collect, so I honestly have no idea how to even approach identifying it.

Its a blue porcelain lamp with what looks like brass styling to it. The lamp itself almost looks serves style to me, but theres no markings that I can really see. If anyone can help maybe identify it, date it, and possibly value it (theres a small chip near the bass which will probably decrease it), then that would be greatly appreciated. 

I uploaded some photos to photobucket If you need anymore then let me know, the link is below:

Thank You

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Hi Josh, I would agree that your urn is Sevres Style. My thought is that it probably is an antique piece with the brass ormolu mounts, that would be approx. 1880 - 1910 ish. It may have started life as part of a garniture set. Having two urn style vases and a clock for the mantle.

One may have broke, and the remaining one was turned into a lamp, by the plug and old style fixtures looks like 1930's or so. I do not think this was ever designed to be a lamp per se. 

So that leaves you with a pretty, antique urn turned into a lamp. LOL Hope that helps a bit!

Thank you so much for the reply.

That's really cool actually. Ironically I think it might be the oldest piece of porcelain I own apart from a few plates and a set of rare 19th century copies of messien monkey figurines. Guess it's fairly unique then and it will probably be kind of hard to place a definitive value on it.

Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

Yes Indeed Josh! and your very welcome! Happy to help if I can. :)


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